Mergers, Acquisitions, Brand Creation & Sector Consolidations

We specialise in the creation of national professional services brands via mergers, acquisitions, industry consolidations and aggregations.


Mergers and Acquisitions can be a highly successful strategy for a business to grow and diversify.
Assessing a merger and acquisition opportunity from a strategic and operational perspective is an important process for any business considering merging with, or acquiring, another entity.

Our approach is to thoroughly assess the M & A transaction from a PEOPLE; CLIENT; FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE and CULTURAL perspective.  Each of these criteria should be considered from a strategic and operational viewpoint.

Goodridge Strategic has extensive experience in identifying, assessing and implementing M & A opportunities in the professional service industries sector.

We have undertaken many transactions, in both the local and national market places.  Our methodologies provide an excellent strategic and operational framework in which to fully consider all the upsides and attendant risks of a M & A opportunity.


We have extensive experience in sectors such as legal, surveying, town planning, urban design financial services and advisory.

"Don't do tomorrow what you do today and expect a different result..."