Goodridge Strategic works with Boards and senior management to ensure the business has a clear vision; is performing in a strategically honest manner; has clarity with its value proposition and is performing to best practice – all aimed to optimise returns to shareholders. In this manner, we aim to transfer our knowledge and experience to our valued clients.

Brett Goodridge has spent his career managing professional service firms.  He has held roles from Board Chair positions to Managing Director and CEO.

Brett’s experience has been predominately in the legal, accounting, surveying, town planning, urban design, financial services and advisory sectors.  He has held senior management positions in first-tier national firms; mid-tier national firms and smaller, single market niche businesses.

His experience has enabled insights into precisely what makes professional service firms perform to best practice, whilst providing sustainable, high financial performance and returns for shareholders.

"When a wise man points at the stars...only a fool looks at his finger!"

Business Change Makers