Goodridge Strategic specialise in providing consulting services to the professional services sector, with the aim of assisting clients to achieve best practice and optimising returns to shareholders.

Goodridge Strategic has wide experience in creating, aggregating, integrating and managing national professional service businesses in the legal, financial services, surveying, town planning, urban design, landscape architecture and accountancy professions. It has the experience and expertise in creating, developing and managing high-quality professional services brands.


Professional services are typically ‘fee for service’ businesses. Be they veterinarian, medical, legal, surveying, engineering, town planning, accounting and finance or architecture; such businesses generate revenues based upon the personal exertion of highly qualified individuals, via the development of relationships with clients, usually on a fee for service basis. 

Typically, professional services operate in a highly competitive market environment, quite often characterised by the battle for professional human capital and quality clients.


With a clear strategy and vision, coupled with structuring and operating the business to best practice, professional service firms can be highly rewarding for shareholders (in the case of incorporated practices), or partners (in the case of partnerships).

Our Value Proposition

A unique combination of quality professional consulting services coupled with extensive practical, hands-on experience in successfully managing professional services firms

Over 30 years of know-how and knowledge in optimising shareholder value

Lower overheads; reflected in highly competitive rates and fee structures

No over servicing; clients deal directly with the proprietor, having immediate access at all times

A strong commitment to providing client service excellence